Friday, 9 September 2011

Val's charity quilt

I had a few niggles after installing the Prostitcher on the Handiquilter, but I locked the legs as suggested and then the problem moved so I got out the Allen keys and the carriage was moving properly again. So I nervously loaded Val's quilt on to the leaders and I'm delighted with the results. Once the tension was just right you can leave it to the stitch the row for you. Well in theory you can, but I was mesmerised by it working and also nervous it would run out of bobbin thread or the top thread would break, neither of which happened.

Fabric: Thimbleberries from various Blocks of the Month over a number of years
Quilting pattern: Blustery breeze
Thread: Karnak - King Tut for Superior Threads

I've learned a few things from this first quilt:
* backings need to be absolutely square
* don't be mean with the wadding
* By making the pattern about a quarter of an inch bigger on each row I could have avoided a half row at the bottom
* I can do a pantograph and crop it for the last row


  1. Well done Sue! That looks wonderful. Now you've done your first Pro Stitched quilt there will be no stopping you! :0

  2. Val sent me to have a quick peak at her quilt. Absolutely fabulous, the quilt and the quilting. Well done to both of you.