Friday, 26 August 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt week 13

We are enjoying our time in Saumur. here are this week's little 6" blocks. I will admit to unpicking whirlwind just a few times to get the white triangles to match. This block is done with partial seams.

98 waterwheel

103 whirlwind

Friday, 19 August 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday week 12

Here's this week's two blocks. Less successful than last week's blocks as the contrast isn't as high.

31 evening star

109 windows

I've decided to take this project with me to France during our two week holiday. I always take something to work on in the mornings as the rest of the family are not early risers like me. I can work quietly on cutting out the blocks until they are ready for breakfast.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday week 11

I have just made some of the design boards shown on Lori Holt's blog To see the instructions on how to make them go to this post. And I'm using one of them to show you my block Prairie Queen. I have made two small changes to the construction of the mini design boards:
1. Her tutorial calls for foam board which is hard to get and expensive so I used some free mount borad which I got from a local framer and for that reason I also reduced the binding to 2" as the sandwich is thinner; and
2. I am not an expert with a glue gun, so I just used fabric glue and popped it under my cutting mat when finished to dry.

70 Prairie Queen

34 Flock

I think both of these blocks have turned out well with good contrast.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday week 10

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quiltalong has spread like wildfire and I was reluctant to join in initially until I saw the blocks made in modern fabrics by Camille Roskelley on her blog Simplify So I jumped on the band wagon and have started making the blocks with some of Camille's Bliss range which I managed to find and I plan to add some Ruby to it later in the year. I am also taking the opportunity to use up a variety of white on white fabrics from my stash.

The trend is to post your new blocks on a Friday, so here are the blocks I've made this week. I am writing the name and number of the block in a seam allowance on the back of the blocks to keep track of them as there are 111 in all.

44 Gentleman's Fancy

66 Periwinkle

I will post a photo of the blocks so far at the beginning of September when I have a few more done.